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Default Re: Any real talents in here?

I guess I have a strong sense of how to find "knots" in people's backs, shoulders, hands etc in the healing department. Last Thursday (18th September 2008), I had a girl at work who all week, wanted to see me and she finally caught up with me before she left to go home and asked for a massage. I found "where" it was wrong in her back as she was almost in tears that she couldn't "get to the spot". A few minutes later, her back was sufficiently normal and that she was calm enough that she could cope with getting home, once she had finished work for the day. I haven't heard back from her yet. But often people will come to me and ask for particular muscles to be relieved. I have had no training what-so-ever, other then practising this "gift" since I was very young on my dad (Bless his soul...)
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