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Default Re: Any real talents in here?

What a great topic! I don't know what each talent is classified as but I can assure you that I have spooked myself a few times. I scolded an ex for saying something inappropriate in public that he and the witnesses around us swear was never voiced. though he looked rather scared and admitted to thinking the statement. I had "received" thoughts and images like that numerous times. Thankfully only from him, it was rather disconcerting. specially when I lay in bed one night knowing that he was cheating on me and I had the images in my head torturing me the whole time. I called him out on it and again he looked rather frightened of me. (Which I must admit was kinda satisfying that time )
That has all seemed to stop though, for whatever reason I guess our minds were somehow linked to one another. Now, I just get massive amounts of
dejavu. Although i can say with honesty that I am very perceptive of peoples moods and undercurrents. I may not get words in my head anymore but I can "guess" what's on a person's mind with mindblowing accuracy sometimes.
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