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Default Re: Any real talents in here?

I've got some empathy/precog stuff happening. The empathy is borderline telempathy with my mother, but I've had some weird moments with siblings, best friends, boyfriends.

The precog stuff is all in dreams, and I never remember the dream until the event I dreamed actually occurs. It's always a really mundane trigger, too, like looking at a pencil at a certain angle or remembering a specific word -- and, interestingly, the moment I dream is usually the moment of recognition. That is, I dream myself remembering the dream -- and then instantly forget it when i wake up. Until I remember it again.


I think I've got a weird navigational Talent, too. Once I've driven somewhere, I don't need directions again, or only need reminding of a few specifics if it was a really complicated route. Sometimes all I have to do is jot the directions down and I don't need to look at them again. I suggest this is a Talent, and not a talent, only because most women suck at directions. ;>
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