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Default Re: Deaf Pernese and Blind Pernese? And Color Blind People?

Old Uncle in Dragonsong is cared for despite having lost both his legs in an accident, and it seems to have happened quite some time ago. Most of those looking after him seem to think of it as rather a chore, but then it seems to be something girls in their young to mid teens are given to do and I can imagine teenage girls here and now looking on it in much the same way.

So, I suppose it would be assumed that someone who lost their sight or hearing because of illness or accident would be cared for, though no doubt what happened in individual cases varied at lot depending on the character of the people round them.

How this would translate into caring for someone born blind, deaf or without full use of their other physical or mental faculties I don't know. Again it probably varied from case to case depending on the character and resources of those involved. Some probably got smothered or abandoned somewhere, some were brought up to function as best they could in society.
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