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Default Re: Re : Re: Titanium on Pern

Originally Posted by Maleus View Post
I think I remember reading something about hydraulic dam being restored on Pern. Not a mill, mind you, but a real dam with dynamo and all. Fandarel may be strongly involved in this process So that would be in ATWOP. 'Can't remember what they planned to do with power though
You neglected the context of my quote. Getting electricity in the empty hull of the Yokohama. Electricity near a vacuum. And the best vacuum would be in an exposed cargo hold of the Yokohama.

While the dam may provide electricity, you can't get that electricity up to the Yokohama very easily.

The best way to produce electricity on the Yokohama would be through solar cells/panels. My question was, does the Yokohama still have any?

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