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Default Re: Titanium on Pern

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
I would assume it's found on Pern, no reason for it not to be, but not in sufficient quantities to do much with it. And I was already under the impression that it's a trickier metal to work with, so the info Hans quoted fits in to that.

Actually, knowing what I now know about titanium and reading the comments here, I would say that it HAS to be found on sPern, in probably similar quantities to Earth. Titanium is literally all over the place! Did you know that titanium is even found in meteorites? If you are Kath, I'm sure you did!

However, I don't want to directly disagree with anyone, just express my own veiw. In AtWoP, AIVAS had people doing all kinds of things, like figuring out how antibiotics worked, and dissecting and disproving Thread spores. Yes, there were some who questioned why they had to all this without learning the concepts behind it, but when AIVAS "died" he/it left behind all sorts of files that contained endless amounts of knowledge, so people really didn't stop learning. To pull an example from the books, the healers were able to put F'lessan back together when he needed it because of information from AIVAS' files.

So, I think that the Smiths on Pern would even learn about and use, eventually if not right away, the methods for processing titanium. It's used for so many things here on Earth; like long-lasting horseshoes, mtn. bike frames, and yes nifty jewelery, that it would be almost silly not to make use of this element that comes out of the ground. Mastersmith Fandarel would love it- titanium's not magnetic, corrosian-resistant, rather sexy-looking (for a metal), and efficient. Low weight, high strength- he'd fall all over the stuff! I think that titanium's there on Pern, it's just not mentioned by name. Or maybe it will be, who knows??

Just my 2 cents.

And yes, asking this question in the first place was directed toward a possible fanfic.
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