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I'm not convinced that there were any of Earth's wild animals running around at the time Thread started falling. The scientists and veterinarians at Landing had quite enough to do, producing enough livestock to feed the initial 6000 colonists and their Pern-born offspring, and what they produced were the commoner domesticated animals and modified versions that could safely feed on Pern's vegetation. Not all of those were even successful, and many of the Terran plants died out pretty quickly too.

Possibly when they had a stable ecology over a wide area they might have tried out something a bit different, in an area where the wilder animals wouldn't impinge on human activities. Or they might at some point have needed to use the DNA of animals somewhat related to the tame species to create a new species better suited to life on Pern. Who knows? But it would have been quite a while before they needed big cats to thin the herds.

Tubberman was a botanist, and everyone was puzzled that he chose to work with big-cat DNA. But according to DragonsBlood, he was also Eridani-trained, so he may have been assigned some secret task only he knew about. Most of his notes were in an unbreakable code.
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