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Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
I still think that the diagram is astronomically wrong.

If the Red Star's orbit was transposed to cross INSIDE Pern's, then the daytime only falls would be explained.
Well, from what I know, objects on a hyperbolic orbit that take them from the Kruiper belt or Oort cloud close to a star, have the most speed as they aproach the point of orbit closest to the star.

In otherwards, an object in a 250 year hyperbolic orbit, would only spend a brief time of that orbit turning around to head back out of the inner system. Like only half year at most. (See Haleys comet, etc..)

So the 50 years of thread fall would not be due the planet being in a close orbit for fifty years, but from thread being depositied close to Pern, and gravity eventualy attracting it over time to fall on the planet.
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