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Quite sorry to interfere so late too

Regarding the night falls, I myself always wondered how there could be daily falls at all! And I do since I saw a chart of the Rukbat system in the DLG showing Pern and the Red Star orbits:

OK, the "Pass" mention looks quite wrong, since we know the Red Star just go through the system for a few turns and leaves threads behind. And we know thread falls all turn long, and not only when Pern's orbit cross the Red Star's area.
As you can see, the Red Star is always farther from Rukbat than Pern. Meaning it leaves threads outside Pern's orbit. So, unless there is a very strange spiral falling effect, threads should fall on the dark side of Pern

I had a hypothesis once. Threads left by the Red Star could be attracted to Pern due to gravitation laws within the system (because Pern is the closest massive object?). But once they reach the planet, they would stay all around, like a spherical cloud, going down slowly. Then, when on the day side, some of them, the lowest, would be "pushed" to ground by the solar wind coming from Rukbat. It would explain why threads would "survive" for 50 turns and still fall on Pern regularly only during the day.
Does it worth anything?
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