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Originally Posted by T'mynn View Post
Or removing a VERY ice cold mug from the cooler, putting room tempurature water in it then microwaving it to 200 F. The mug cracked and I cried. It was my favorite mug and I was half asleep.

Atmosphereic rentry tempretures can easily exceed 2000+ degrees F. The thread shell hadn't the advantage of a ceramic heat sheild to protect it as one of our shuttles does. Any intelligant life would've expired within an extremely short time inside it once the shell burned off. This probably happened a mere second after atmospheric entry.
I think the idea is that it does have a very hard shell that can withstand those temperatures, but then when it cools down, it cracks (and releases the lifeform). IIRC, they had to use a diamond blade in AtWoP to open one up.

And it is that unprotected life form that freezes and is susceptible to water.

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