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Originally Posted by Hans View Post
Sandi, I always thought it was the opposite and Pern's enemy is mindless. Anne has stated this many times but you never know if things change.
This is an extract from page 341 of my copy of All The Weyrs of Pern. It is part of a conversation between Jaxom and Aivas.

"It is extrapolated by the closer examination of the Thread ovoids that there is life, not a you know it, and not even as we see it brought here by the Red Star, but a whole ecology of life-forms throughout the Oort Cloud. Some of them are probably quite intelligent, judging by the complexity of their nervous systems; but when they arrive here, they have lost most of their liquid helium and so can be termed only ‘rude mechanical.' It is these degenerate, warmth-tolerating forms that make it to the surface of Pern; they don't live long enough to replicate themselves there, of course or on the Red Planet. It is only these ‘mechanicals' that can reproduce without helium in Pern's orbit........."
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