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Default Re: What is happening

Today was mostly spent switching a couple of doors in the house over. The inner door on our front vestibule has a lock on it that we haven't been able to use since we moved in because we never got a key to it. However I realised that the door is exactly the same size as one we removed shortly after we moved in that was in the utility room (originally the back door to the house before the extension was built in the mid 80s) even down to the lock placements.

So dug that out of the back of the garage and swapped it over. Needed to do a bit of sanding of both the door and the frame as it was very slightly warped, but it latches securely and doesn't play any part in weatherproofing so I'm not worried the bottom corner doesn't close quite fully.

Does now mean that there are no less than four locks between the outside world and the house on the front door. Seemed sensible to get that sorted given that I know the frame on the outer door is a bit tired.

Managed to get sawdust *everywhere* though!
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