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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Originally Posted by Anareth View Post
Not to mention BDSM is not an "orientation." You are not genetically predisposed to like it rough or have to take orders. (Which you're not very good at, clearly.)
I'm sorry, but that is wrong. Whilst BDSM is not an "orientation", as in it is not linked to which gender you will be attracted to, it very definitely is for quite many BDSMers something they are born with.

I reiterate: I was, and I was aware of what I was at a very young age (between three and four years). I had sadomasochistic fantasies every day from that age onwards (which is just about as far back as I can consciously remember), I initially very quickly learned to hide myself in this respect from other children and from my family, and came to understand it only much later, during puberty.

I know of quite a few other sadomasochists like myself, who knew about their difference pre-puberty, and to whom this also is a) no question of choice, and b) something so early noticed that they clearly were born with it. In view of that even various animal species show similar tendencies among their populations, it's not as out of the world a thing as you seem to believe.

So please, don't apply internet-BDSM-knowledge (which mostly consists of D/s and variants thereof only) to BDSMers in general.

As to Anne McCaffrey and kink: she wrote too much of it not to do it on purpose or for a reason, whether she was aware of that or not. It runs heavily as a theme through practically every of her books that I have read - from Restoree over The Ship Who Sang to the Pern books, not to speak of her Talent series and the Crystal Singer one.

As someone who as extensively read the SciFi of other authors, I can also categorically state that this facet of McCaffrey's books is very much her own. Very few other authors, especially of her era, show a similarly consistent streak of heavy kink in their books. It's not there because it "just happened" due to some freak accident.


but hey, you want to believe that Dragonsong is about Menolly running away from her oppressive family to be in a teacher/student submissive relationship with Robinton, it's not a VALID interpretation based on the text, but it's your head....
"Dragonsong" contains quite some undercurrents, later borne out. None of them are as simplistic as your suggestions (did you mean them seriously?), the topic of how Menolly reacts to Robinton is very interesting in itself. The interaction of Sebell, Menolly and Robinton can be looked at with a childish perception, or with how an adult would look at it. At the very least McCaffrey wrote a very layered YA there.

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