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Default Re: Pern Portfolio Copy Idea

I think that I'll leave the address thing in those who want to see it. So I'll contact the first person who will contact the next and so on.

And remember, everyone, it will the responsibility of the person who has it to be sure to send it on after two weeks and also to pay to mail it to the next person.
I've got a Tyvek envelope ready for Lily to pass on, and it's got clear tape where the postage and mailing labels should go and that way can be peeled off (with some difficulty, I'm sure) but shouldn't damage the envelope so that it can be reused several times.
I'm doing the same thing with a box here in the US. I figure a box here since it's liable to be going to more members, but again I've put clear tape over the postage areas and mailing label areas for reuse.

But no rush, I'm waiting for supplies to get the binding for it done. Ordered them today, so at least a week before they get here.
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