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Default Some bits and bobs

Hey guys!

I went through my collection of books today, and I have one or two bits that I think people on here should get first refusal of. I've included pictures where I think they're necessary. Oh, and all prices include Postage & Packaging to the UK. Not sure what kind of prices they'd be to post elsewhere.

Anne McCaffrey:
  • Renegades of Pern - 1st/1st (Slight sunning on spine, but otherwise more or less perfect) - £7
  • Crystal Line - 1st/1st (Very slight lean on spine, pen inscription inside) - £5
  • Renegades of Pern - Trade paperback (Great condition, not even a spine-dint) - £4
  • To Ride Pegasus - 1st (Paperback) / Signed (Rather poor condition, would only really get it for the signature) - £4.50

Other Stuffs:
  • Mag of Fantasy & Sci-Fi (June 1961) - (Spine lean and a little chipped, but not too bad otherwise) - £2.50
  • SFX guide to the Galaxy (II) - £2
  • Who's who in SF (Paperback) - £3

I also have three (full) sets of 'The Brother's Hildebrandt' cards. Each set has the full 89 cards plus the checklist card, and all are in more or less mint condition. I also have a number of 'spare' cards, if anyone has been collecting and needs the odd couple.
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