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Dragon's Time Cover Art

The artwork for Dragon's Time, the new Pern novel by Anne and Todd McCaffrey is now in the Fantasy Gallery. You'll recognise it because it features a great big dragon
"Pern Alert" Les has just finished the artwork for Dragon's Time by Anne and Todd McCaffrey. This will be published by Del Rey in the US and by Bantam in the UK. The original concept came from Art director David Stevenson of Del Rey and it's turned out to be a very dramatic piece. Let's hope tha the legions of Pern fans like it. "Oh the pressure!"
from his News section
Dragon's Time Finished
Dragon's Time
Copyright Les Edwards 2010, All Rights Reserved
Les's Notes:

Cover for the Anne & Todd McCaffrey novel due out in 2011. Commissioned by Del Rey in the USA and also to be used on the UK cover for Bantam.

I had a lot fun with this addition to the Pern series. I spent a lot of time trying to paint the reflections from the snowy ground on the dragon's skin. I was trying to create the effect of a Jumbo Jet lifting off.
Dragon Time

Medium: pencil on paper

Les's Notes:

Preliminary sketch for the novel by Anne and Todd McCaffrey, due out in 2011 Commissioned by Del rey in the USA and also used on the UK cover for Bantam
Dragon's Time
Copyright Les Edwards 2010, All Rights Reserved
I can see the top of the Hold much better in this sketch then finished one
@Staff feel free to remove when time right, its just the images via his site, they got done up date it, GinnyStar
I was right this cover was done by him!
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