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Default Elizabeth Moon - Trader Kylara Vatta series

This series currently consistes of 3 books:
Trading in Danger
Marque and Reprisal
Engaging the Enemy

I just finished reading the third book which was released a month or so ago. I've enjoyed all three books, though I don't find them as appealing as Moon's other series (Serrano/Suiza, and Paks) and one-offs, and the central character Ky just isn't as memorable or sympathetic as other heroines of Moon's.

I specifically didn't find this book as good. It really felt like a bridger novel, not having a real climax or conclusion to the plot. The action bits are good, with one nice space battle near the end, and there are funny bits here and there, but in between the exposition didn't wow me that much.

There's a pretty harsh review from Publisher's Weekly printed on amazon. While I think the review is over-harsh, it's not far off the mark in it's criticisms, in my opinion.

Anyone else read it yet? How did you like it?
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