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Default Re: Writing original fic, killing of characters

Another question - have any of you found that your stories have become darker over time? When I was contributing to this thread I'd have had difficulty killing anybody off at all. But right now I'm trying to finish something that I wrote ages ago and made a fair copy of in a fine-tipped felt type pen. It got in a flood and completely lost the bottom 1/3 to 1/4 of every page. So now, end "a" on one page has to be joined to beginning "b" at the top of the next page. And in the last such join I had one young character randomly drop dead, another revealed as a mass murderer, the same one attempt to murder his priestly brother, and dropped three characters off the top of an escarpment on a mountain. Two survived. Nobody is likely to mourn the one that didn't. Then I have to get a badly injured protagonist and a captive bandit off that mountain top and attach the whole story to the next "beginning b" at the top of the next page.
The most likely solution at this stage is to change POV and describe the whole schemozzle from the bandit's eyes.
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