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Default Brawns

I was thinking about brawns in the brain ship universe yesterday afternoon - specifically the issue of brawn fixation, which was eventually solved by Tia's drive for fully remote humanoid bodies.

I don't think this was ever a big problem in the BB universe. Brawns were screened very heavily, and the only person we really see acting on the idea was Niall, himself not a traditional brawn. But... the investment in the ships was pretty substantial, so even as a small problem, it was one the brains and the authorities would want to avoid, for financial reasons as well as concern for the brain involved.

How much training do you think the brains got in avoiding BF? Given that they're effectively indentured slaves anyway, is there scope for pre-selecting brawns of the non-intersecting sexual orientation (intentionally using an awkward phrase there rather than gender - we're not all hetero cis-sexuals) until the brain has achieved sufficient maturity to defuse any such tendency in future brawns? Is it even possible to reach such an age where one is incapable of loving/adoring or being an object of love or adoration?

Here's another set of ideas. What about brains pairing with each other for mutual support and companionship? Only permitting couples as brawns (if two legs are good, why not four?) - if brains are too pricey to waste by pairing them up, brawns are surely easier to accomodate, and you only need to train one of them fully.

But maybe BF is pretty unavoidable. Cooped up in a tin can for weeks or months with only another mind for company, and the 'marriage' extending for deacdes, wouldn't any of us form a deep and meaningful attachment? Is it being unprofessional, or simply being human?

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