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Ah, I thought so, I knew we would agree on this

Yes, I got the button. I think it was Cheryl who bought one for me at auction. The Dragonhold pen however was a simple gift from Anne, I also have another pen, an empty one which I know Anne used and which I nicked from a Draginhold dustbin Am I bad or am I bad, but then it is precisely as you say: it is collectible to ME!

I've got lots of correspondence with Anne (both mail and email) and even two manuscripts, even though they are computer printouts and alas don't look like the manuscripts of yesteryear. Very special to me is also the last Season's Greeting/Christmas card Anne sent out (nowadays she sends money to charity in stead of sending every acquiantance a card). Maybe you have it too? it's veru special and I should scan and post it. An the pictire she once sent all the KT hosts (I think) that also says: "to Hans" and has a little tulip drawing by her (at the time she was planning to visit me and I was to show her round the Dutch tulip fields).
And that simple paperback that has Virginia Kidd's name and address sticker in it, which I bought at a Dutch bookmarket! Imagine how it came to be here!?

In short, there are many items like that, that hold a special meaning to me, they might be collectible but are not necessarily valuable I know you understand because you're a likewise soul.
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