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Default Re: What is happening

Now we're cooking with bacon (as my late father would have said).

I'm actually really happy with the finish I'm getting here. The original finish on these cars was laughable to be honest - I've seen kid's toys better finished. With a bit of flatting back this should be just fine. If I can manage to get this level of finish on the car as a whole I'll be a very happy camper. Annoyingly I got slightly too heavy handed right at the end and wound up with a couple of minor runs...even so I'm not too worried, runs and all it's still a million times better than it was.

Before the front end can be painted though I need to finish rebuilding the corners...the nearside one in particular was a joke. First bit of GRP work I'd done beyond patching up cracks in a bashed bus corner, and it showed. I've done some experiments now with the materials I have to hand and have a plan.

Step one is to cut back out my original fugly handiwork.

Which left me with a much more evenly shaped void than the ragged hole that was originally there. The panel above isn't too bad, just the bumper moulding and below that needs done.

Originally I had tried to build up a rough mould out of cardboard etc and to glass over that...which I found quite difficult to do accurately - especially trying to get the mat to adhere to the underside of the bumper moulding and the valance.

Have decided to take a different approach. I've built up a loose barrier behind the panel, then entombed the entire area in expanding foam.

Once that's set I'll "whittle it down" to sculpt the correct profile. A simple matter then to stick a layer or two of GRP over it, some filler and then we should have as close to an invisible repair as I'm likely to manage with the materials I have to hand. I'm far more used to sculpting stuff from foam, so reckon I've a far better shot at getting the profile right this way. Once the outer surface is built up the foam base can then be broken away from behind the panel.

The whole front of the car is basically just a giant mud guard, it's just a plastic box, so this approach is actually valid...rather than expanding foam being the absolutely last thing you want to ever see on a car when doing body repairs! Especially when a mate discovered the sills on their Jag XJ6 were entirely built of the stuff...
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