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Default Re: What is happening

Well seems that those people who are deeply involved
have already spent all their money...ala all the warning billboards
from coast to coast.

Now of course Hans, just to be on the safe side, you could go
ahead and send us two tickets...we'd fly right over...then all four
of us could go on another grand adventure together and visit the
Louvre and that special *Old Painter's House*...this world can't
call it *Quits* go before I've visited his studio you know!!

Of course... if all of you MoMers hear an extremely loud scream
around 6pm PST on Saturday...its because we've had a small
tremmor or two, and you
should all be considering heading for the hills (knock on wood...
being the overly superstitious type...)...just for saftey sake
"To the Horsehead Nebula and back we shall make beautiful music"..."Together!"

The stories of childhood leave an indelible impression,and their author always has a niche in the temple of memory from which the image is never cut out to be thrown on the rubbish heap of things that are outgrown and outlived........Howard Pyle
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