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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Originally Posted by orangerider
Well this seems like the place to introduce myself so I suppose I will. I'm Sylvie, I'm a student, and I'm an Anne fan. Or is it a McCaffreak? What do a group of us call ourselves anyway? The Star Trek people are trekkies and fans of Jane Eyre the Musical are Eyreheads, so don't we deserve such a title?
Yes, we do
Originally Posted by orangerider
Anyway, my first McCaffrey was Dragonsong*snip*I read only recently (as recently as last summer)*snip*...I'm a voracious reader, love friends, and spending way too much time online. Of course none of my friends are McCaffrey fans so I guess I'll just discuss my obsession with you guys.
Ditto! (note I erased some of the stuff because then it would make the "ditto" a lie)
Originally Posted by orangerider
And I'll shut up now.
Rule#1(in my book, anyway!): Thou shalt honor thy gift of speech and typing and not shut up!

Welcome to Meeting of Minds! I hope you also join us at the New Kitchen Table.
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