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Hi There,

My name is Cheryl and I live in sunny Llandudno, Wales, UK (well it is some of the time) with my husband Farouk and three children. I work part time in an Accountants office and care for my husband who is disabled/sick. I am also studying with the Open University. Aiming, I hope eventually, for a degree in Computing and Information Technology.

In my spare time I read a lot, anything to do with Sci Fi / fantasy. My favourite author is Anne, of course, but as I have now read all her books, at least once I have started reading books from the following: Julia Gray, Katherine Kerr, David Gemmell and David Eddings

I am also a huge fan of Star Trek plus all the spin offs, StarGate and most of the Cult TV series in fact anything to do with Science Fiction (my kids & husband think I’m mad) . My favourite film has to be 2001: A Space Odyssey .

I also love all kinds of music, playing games on the Internet, eating out, going to the local theatre and the cinema.

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