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Ironic you should bring this up. I have been working my way through my AM collection. I just finished Rowan/Talent today and was planning on starting Freedom. So I'm going to have to watch and see if there's any mention of Kris's family. Memory is telling me that she knew her family was gone.

Also, I'm thinking that many of those dropped knew their family/friends were also scooped up, but didn't know where they had been sent.

I am of two minds on this situation: I know there had to be those people who desperately wanted to return to Earth (or thier home planets) to search for family and friends, or help rebuild. I'm sure also there were others who didn't have much family/friends to return to and saw Botany as a new beginning.

I think I would have to be in the situation personally to know which way I would decide. But I think that an opportunity to be part of a new planet would be awesome, especially if I could share it with loved ones.
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