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There was a lot of rampant idealism on Botany. Most of the main characters seemed to have the attitude that so what if my homeworld is overrun, my friends and family dead or in jeapordy, this place is pretty and it's fun to live here and whatever we want badly enough we can do/have. Not all the colonist felt that way, however. I think about Balenquah and wonder what exactly had happened to him before he reached Botany and what and who he had lost that made him so morose. As a mother and grandmother, I don't know if I could be as cheerful as it seemed PC to be on Botany. I wonder just how many people really were happy about a Cattenni being in such a powerful role on the new world and whether there were any who never really accepted his devotion to Botany and its people as genuine. How many of us here would be willing to do so?
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