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Originally Posted by Sandi View Post
My original post was sort of wandering. I think what I was thinking about was that many of the people who spent a lot of time denouncing any form of intolerance were pretty intolerant themselves to some. I think that mocking Anna for being afraid and torturing Aerens (sp?) because they didn't like him was a little over the top. It made me think of Animal Farm, in a way. All are equal but some are more equal than others.
I gathered that in Anna's case, she was also (initially) patently xenophobic (a la Clarissa Negava from the Talent books), and that more than the fear was what got her mocked.
Here Zainal was saving Anna's life and was obviously cooperating with humans, and yet she still decided to be all suspicious and waste valuable time openly questioning his motives.
Her suspicions do her credit, of course, but she still could have waited for a more appropriate time to voice them. After they had all escaped the Dalek-bots looking to chop them up into sausage would have been nice.

As for that Aerens creep, he was clearly opportunistic to a fault -- and let's not forget to mention all of that 'I'm God's gift to women' crap.

Originally Posted by Sandi View Post
I understand the reasons why many saw the need and were able to put the past behind them and strive to improve the future. I really admire that ability in those characters. But I still think they could have been a little more considerate of those who were emotionally weaker and were having a more difficult time doing that.
You actually forgot to mention Patty Sue.
I can understand the whole 'fear of being raped again' thing on one level, but I felt the circumstances should have squashed it.
Pedant for the win! (j/k)

... Anyways, survival was the chief concern at the time. Actually, it was really the only concern, due to the little fact that unless the Botanists survived, nothing else they did instead was going to matter.
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