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Originally Posted by ElectricDragon View Post
I've been following this discussion and I suspect we've got some misconceptions of how Thread functions.
Ahhhhhhh, thank you! This is what's been in my head for so long but never managed to get the words out properly. I agree almost 100%. The one thing I disagree with is the amount of time it takes to consume a creature. It's stated numerous times in the books that a herdbeast can be completely devoured in seconds. Yes, perception of time can be altered in traumatising situations, but it's stated so often that I'm inclined to think it's more fact than exaggeration. I would say 10-15 seconds to devour a herdbeast completely, depending on the size of the Thread, faster if it were a clump.

But as for the rest, I agree that falling thread would just burn through vegetation, barring a trunk, since leaves and thin branches are rather flimsy, there's not enough resistance to keep it up there and devour the whole thing.

As for why the Threads burn out, I think they just gorge themselves to death. You brought up some other interesting theories that I never thought of before, but with a single organism devouring massive quantities of matter, I think it's simplest that it would just die of over-consumption.

I never really had that much trouble accepting the grubs helping the plant heal. Either the grubs natural waste or it actively secreting something, both would work, it makes sense if Tubberman specifically engineered them to manufacture a substance that would very quickly heal a plant. Or the leaves, at least. Trunks would obviously take significantly longer. Doesn't seem at all magical to me.
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