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Honestly I never thought of the drudges as slaves...but I did not consider them all mentally incapcitated either....I know we have the example of Camo but overall I thought that most Pernese were healthy (physically and mentally) except for when plagues or pandemics occurred...Todd's books do have a blind girl and a deaf/mute boy but again I thought such occurrences (from birth) were rare....
I suppose the autonomy of the holds impacted the opportunities for the drudges just as every hold might not be as respectful of the elderly esp when they are ill...I think overall the Pernese society shows greater care for their aunties and uncles but even so I was thinking of Menolly's uncle who was fed seaweed sweets to keep him quiet...with a more unforgiving Lord Holder such a relative could become a drudge (recognizing in this case that the uncle in question was physically injured) but the idea same....?
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