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Originally Posted by Greenrider Dawna View Post
"...but for some it is probably because their parents were drudges and they've been told since birth that they will be too."

That's an interesting point. You don't ever read about drudge children attending any of the crafthalls or being discovered on Search. It is usually the offspring of crafters, Lord Holders, and even, in Piemur's case, herders, but never those of drudges who seem to have these opportunities. If a drudge child did show potential, would he or she be given the opportunity? Or are they simply not educated along with the rest so any innate talents go unrecognized?
In theory, the harpers are supposed to educate all children, evaluate them as individuals and see that they're directed to appropriate opportunities. Over the centuries, that responsibility seems to have broken down (sometime between 2nd and 9th Pass Pern), and there are also points at which the HarperHall has been in ill repute, and harpers have been driven out, or not accepted, particularly in more provincial areas. So it's little surprise that Drudgery developed and became ingrained. In SoP, however, Lessa at one point mentions some of the AIVAS-introduced innovation in the context of their reducing Drudgery post-Pass. F'lar shrugs it off, feeling that life shouldn't become too easy, but Lessa shoots back that he didn't spend 10 years as a drudge. He points out in turn that Benden wasn't exactly a cushy place prior to the Pass, but the points were made. At least the Benden Weyrleaders recognize Drudgery as pernicious from their unique, if different, perspectives.
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