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Originally Posted by Brenda View Post
I really can't see there being anything left to find in the jungle that would give him an advantage. All of the really advanced technology - whatever wasn't brought North - was at Landing. If there was anything else, those records would be at Landing as well. And he probably couldn't get anything to work, much less figure out what it was supposed to do in the first place, without extensive access to the computer archives at Landing.

Which he is NOT going to be getting, I'd bet!

Now, it would be funny if he found some little gadget and thought it was something amazing and important and it was, like, a toy...

Toric's contact at Landing (Elessin?) died, right after Abominator #5, so Toric must first find out what happened to either/both of them, and although Toric blames AIVAS for many of his woes, I think that Toric realizes that there is valuable knowledge to be had, or he'd never had Elessin (or whatever his name is, sorry, my books are never on hand when I'm online) pass on AIVAS information to him.

If Toric should get his hands on anything in AIVAS files, he'd use it to his best advantage...

I know the Catherine Caves and Honshu were found in the 9th Pass novels, but I do recall a few things that have yet to be accounted for, but then again, I have yet to get my hands on All the Weyrs of Pern and Chronicles, and a bunch of short stories I never knew existed until earlier this week!

Still, I don't think there were any weapons of any sort introduced by the colonists, as they wanted to leave war far behind them. Even if it was something that could help Toric overcome dragons & dragonmen. Perhaps the sport-cats developed by Tubberman could be just that weapon...

Now, what does AIVAS have on file about Tubberman's cats?
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