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Toric has forgotten what it means to be a Lord Holder --- like many others probably. His job is to organise the smaller holders and cotholders within his area to clear all greenery from the Hold area, to provide ground-support to the Weyr during Threadfall, and to support (by tithing) the Weyr that protects them. In return, an effective Lord Holder receives the respect of his subordinates, and a position of authority within Pernese society.

But Toric (like Fax) sees his position as Lord Holder mainly as an opportunity to acquire huge amounts of land for himself and his progeny, and is annoyed at the Weyrs for limiting the expansion of his territory.

Ground-support is less necessary in the South because the land is protected by grubs. Toric needs to (1) acknowledge that he already has the biggest territory on all Pern, and (2) talk to his Weyrleaders and negotiate a more favourable exchange of goods and services. Not going to happen, I'm afraid. I don't think he's looking to the future at all, beyond the notion of not having to tithe to those dragon-riding parasites any more.
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