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Originally Posted by LadyDeerskin View Post
oh, thats interesting! i didnt know about mushrooms in tea! but then, i've never been into teas, and markets out here dont sell anything but regular mushrooms, and at a high price.

the 'recharging' that i was thinking of was, again, from Todd's books: one reference was his taking glows outside during the Plague in Fort Hold, to lay them out to 'recharge'. another was during the time injured dragons/riders and the young dragons were at Ingen Weyr, and in the process of setting up their new home there, old glows were found, but were not thought to be able to be recharged.

so this makes me think that the kind of stuff Todd is calling 'glows' is not a fungus, as his mom seemed to be describing. what grows in a swamp that would be rechargable like the stuff that we make glow in the dark things with?
I guess the question is:

Are glows able to generate a compound that is bioluminescent?

If so, what process allows them to generate this compound? Photosynthesis or a different reaction that uses non-photonic energy?

I always pictured glows as a type of fungi or moss.

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