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Default Re: My first moon picture...

I'm a tad reluctant to post, given Steven's expertise . . . but, for what it's worth . . .

I've found out the hard way that letting the camera determine exposure will result in failure; even with spot metering the cone of acceptance is far larger than the diameter of the moon.

So the camera will try to expose for night sky and over-expose, burning out surface detail. Remember the moon itself is quite bright, reflecting sunlight as it does.

Your starting point should be somewhere around here:

Manual exposure,
ISO 100,
aperture around ƒ8,
shutter speed of around 1/200.

Then experiment, using only shutter speed. Moon disc too dark? Try 1/100.

Two or three shutter speed adjustments should give you a decent image of some sort.

Oh, and the longest focal length at your disposal . . .

And a tripod, if you have one.

ETA Some refinements: Use mirror lock-up if your camera provides this facility. Then use the timer to allow vibration to settle before the shutter opens. Or use a remote release.
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