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Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
Tresa, I am like you, I read right over the top of them. Kind of a self correcter, while I am reading I get carried away with whats going on. I hardly ever take note of the type-os. I will have to look now tomorrow I am going to have a lot to do with what I am planing to look up in Anne's books.
I'm a novelist myself. About eight years ago, I had an e-publisher who published a sf novel I wrote. When she demanded (not asked) that I send her $75 for 15 print copies of my novel, I told her not no, but HELL no. My husband and I are on a limited income and couldn't afford to spend that kind of money for the copies.

When I got the manuscripts back from her, I couldn't believe it. I'd sent the galleys back to her with no mistakes (I even had my daughter read through to make sure it was typo-free). When I got ready to rewrite it, I found that there was anywhere between one and five typos on each and every page.

Yes, I am the same way as you, Lady Maelin and Tresa. To misquote The Sixth Sense I see Typos.
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