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Default Re: Recent Books Sale Treasures...

Oh my Lord... What a treasure!

Rien Poortvliet's "Gnomes"! So I don't have to send you that
Anne McCaffrey in Polish! Pratchett. Wells... Oh oh, consider me duly jealous. Erm... very jealous. And the whole batch of paperbacks. Wonderful. If you never read the Many Coloured Land by May I think you will enjoy that and there are many in that batch I have but I would consider that a mega good find for the price!

And Rockwell. I have been searching for him here but on bookmarkets and fairs, no luck. And the books on painting nature (flowers?) looks wonderful and will fluel your imagination just as much as real life does, I bet.

What a fantastic haul, my friend. And having discovered all that during pleasurable trips wth your most loved one mst make this all very, very special!
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