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Question Necklace Tattoo & Necklacing Ceremony

I know that the 'Body Heir' is tattooed within days of birth. This is understandable, as this would prevent any sort of switching of the baby, but I feel that there is much more to it than that, because of the nature of such indelible and distinctive marking.
I accept that the genetic investment and importance to the parent who’s Body Heir the child is, and that the symbols of that house would take precedence over the other parents’ house.
Is this only to establish the antecedents and other family connections of the Heir? Does it also show the status, importance, standing and power of their house?
How is the design of the Tattoo decided? How are the symbolic emblems of each House used, in combination, to create the unique design for each unique individual, and who makes these decisions?
Is there a College of Heraldry who keeps a track of such things? If any symbols are to be omitted, who makes the decision of which emblems and symbols are obsolete, there must be some reduction or combining of devices, otherwise over time, the tattoo and necklace would be large, ugly and in the necklace's case very heavy!
Are the Tattoos coloured or just a representative outline, if the colours and textures are put in place by the Necklace its-self at the ceremony of Necklacing. I wondered, as it must be very difficult to tattoo a fine line on a baby who is going to grow and the alignment must be perfect or the Necklace won't sit, as it should at the Necklace ceremony
Do you think that, as the culture is very much based on commercial interests, are these represented too? I don't like to think that the Necklaces are composed of the logos of various large corporations! (Just think Coke and Nike!) How would these be represented, I have always envisaged the neck tattoo and necklace its-self to be very dainty and graceful.
Would there any significance in what jewels and metals are used in the making of the Necklace?
What happens, if after the tattooing but before the formal Necklacing ceremony, something drastic happens, would this have an effect of the design and would it be changed?
This could be an event that elevates the status of House, in which case, is the design certain to be changed to reflect this? Likewise if the House experienced an event which lowers their standing, would there be an expectation of society for the Necklace to be changed and how much ‘loss of face’ would there be if this were to happen?
As the necklace has to fit over the Tattoo, how would such changes be done?
Has anyone done any designs for Necklaces? I would love to see any visualisations or interpretations of them. I would love to have go at these myself but I can no longer paint or draw, so it’s my loss and I'm sending out a challenge to all you artists out there!
Any jewellery designers open to this idea? I, for one, would commission a family Necklace, and I like the idea of this being passed down through my family in years to come.
I wait with baited breath to see any artwork and designs!

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