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Default Re: Necklace Tattoo & Necklacing Ceremony

Originally Posted by Seraphina View Post
I know that there are two books. That's why in my post I comment on having read both books (I just didn't name Nimisha's Ship) my ideas are based on having read the two books many times and paying special attention to the tattoos whenever they are mentioned. GinnyStar, do you know which of the FSP books mention the tattooing? I don't regularly read them but I'd make a point just to gather more information on the tattoos. I'm sorry if my post wasn't clear enough.
Its getting to dark to read small print, and I don't know were the other book is, we moved in small loads, without any packing list or id on them, so I'm work on clearning the backlog of stuff, I don't have the books to hand, I shall and get back too you,
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