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Default Re: Background for my first Pern base fan fic.

Originally Posted by Weyrlady View Post
I think that's an awesome idea, Ginny!As Kath said, it'll be nice to actually read some Pern fic that's not based on Dragonriders. Dragons are cool and all. . . but you know. . .

Personally, I don,t have a more "formal" beta-reader arrangement for my writing, although it is nice to have others look at your work. I'm a big believer in writng workshops, either online or face-to-face, because it's really quite fascinating, as well as useful, to get other's perspectives on your story. I am currently finishing up my Master's thesis, and have decidedly gotten to the point where I'm tired of looking at my own stuff, so I just ask people that I know are good writers to read it for me and mark it up! This isn't like a 'class', it's more casual like, "Hey Dad, do you have time to read my literature review?"

So what I'm szaying is, another option for you is just writing a chapter or two or whatever amount, and just posting it here, or on the NKT, or wherever (some other writers are undoubtedly more of an expert on that than I would be), and getting people's feedback. Then taking whatever suggestions you feel are worthy and re-writing. There are some great writers on here, and it's great to here from them.

Or you can decide not to post anything until it is done. Whatever works!!
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