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Post Re: Background for my first Pern base fan fic.

X-Posted from Thread Ships of Pern, background information.
Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
Ginny: I think you'd better transport the water wheel pre-fabricated in sections for final assembly on site. Have you decided whether the wheel is overshot or undershot?

Barges on wheels was an idea of either Fandarel's or Haiman's (so, if your story is set pre-9th pass you have an Anne-omoly problem). I'm not sure any were ever built, but it was a proposition for the transport of raw ore.

There was a type of harvest cart in the mid-west called a 'barge on Apparently this was taken in Minnesota.
They use in Wisconsin too. Nice image.

Its was Fandarel's idea, talked about in DQ.
Have you decided whether the wheel is overshot or undershot?
Not yet, working on it. Depending on the current and where I am going to place it. I known they had both three undershot ones at the MasterSmithCraftHall and a too large for what I've got in mind at the dam and power plante south of Landing, (most comes from my mind. And I know a bit how a overshot one works for it was right down the road, from me (It was my father's boyhold home, and birthplace. My dad bought the land right next to his birthplace. He told me one side was a gristmill and the other side was a lumber mill. Its still used for power by my uncle who now has the land.
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