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Anareth, with all due respect... Something is wrong with google or wiki? Always helps to back up your ideas with some semblance of fact, though I realize that those are not authoritative sources... And what does Benzonia, have to do with it...? Didn’t see the pin, but now that you point it out... That really was an unexpected response... maybe a nerve exposed or something... my apologies...

It just seemed obvious that there would be fermentation, could not imagine it not, unless there was some biological component of the air that killed all the earth yeast and there was no analogous component...

Modern hamburger and sausage are not necessarily made from scraps, in fact many times we slaughter an animal just to make the sausage or hamburger as that is the desired outcome... especially if we are using it as a staple and need a lot of it... Sausage makers purchase pork shoulder by the ton just for that purpose... Being up here in the north country, the backwoods, the unsophisticated sticks, a lot of my friends take their whole venison that they take when they are out tromping in the woods, chawing on their tobacco, and toting a gun... to the butcher and have the whole thing made into venison burger. so, I agree that at least to start they would use scraps but eventually, and enterprising person would understand that meatrolls were a desired product that could get them good marks in exchange for their effort and use prime cuts as well as scraps and fat (not much fat on a wherry though) to make their meatrolls.

Some of my other unsophisticated, uneducated neighbors up here in Benzonia, MI... (Of course we know nothing of food or the proper way to make a Cordon Bleu...) take their prime cuts of venison, and cure it into jerky rather than making venison burger... Heck, some of my neighbors have an outhouse sized, (now that we have indoor plumbing...) shack that they run cold smoke through to make their venison jerky at home... Doesn't taste too bad either considering that they don't know nuthen about that fancy ham and Swiss food... And I would figure the inhabitants of Pern would be a lot smarter than the hicks that live around here... Heck, Jerky is so easy "even a caveman could do it"...

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