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Judging by F'nor's conversation with Lessa just before Ramoth rose to mate, there was only one clutch between the ones that produced Mnementh and Ramoth --- and probably only a small one since Nemorth was too fat and lazy to fly high enough for a big clutch. I think it likely they would have divided the weyrlings among however many wings they had at the time. They'd want all the wings to be about the same size.

Come to think of it, they'd probably plan on having equal numbers of wings to deploy at each of the Weyrs including the empty ones, to allow for a group of riders to be thoroughly familiar with each territory and guide the other wings temporarily assigned to them for Threadfall. F'lon had some kind of a plan for the last turns of the Interval. R'gul didn't, other than not upsetting the Holders, because he didn't believe Thread would return. I think there were only about 6 wings when Thread returned.
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