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Default Re: MoM opens European headquarters in Amsterdam

@Hans,{{HUG}}} This was marvelous to see. I have always wanted to see
what Rembrant's house really looked like, but I had no idea that it
could still be around, until you told me recently. I should have known better.
The Dutch people do seem to truely honor their past, especially
their many great artist.
I was very taken with finally being able to see Rembrant's magnificent studio/atelier room where he painted all those magnificently beautiful pieces of art. It's too bad that someone, in the years after him... sanded the floors all there aren't any paint stains left on the floor to see.
I love his is such a huge piece..and the beds all have the shorter leg area that was the fashion of that part of the world. Is the odd looking chair on the front end of his bed, what they would have used in those days for the convience/toliet facilities? I never would have thought that the rooms would be so huge, or with so many window...but then again he was and is known as the Greatest Master of light.
Thank you my dear friend{{{KIS}}} for find this and putting up the link for me and everyone to enjoy. I can hardly wait to see it for put my hand where once his might have also been.....sigh...faint!!!
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