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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by Jayru View Post
Remove the religious constraints and issues from sex and sexuality and you get some surprising results.
In truth human sexuality is far more fluid, and the labels we use to define it are what screws it up. Very few human being are 100% straight/gay/lesbian - they are bisexual to a degree. I know more bisexual people then I do straight/gay/otherwise. Most of them don't define there sexuality with a lable, they just have a wider choice of people they can fall for/be with/have sex with.

Given that Pern is set in our future - and baring any sort of extreme religion taking over the world and forcing it's view on how we should all live on us, I can forsee (without hessitiation) a time when human sexuality is not so rigidly defined by terms of "gay," "stright," "bi," etc etc, and people just fall for people - regardless of what sex they are.
I tend to agree with this assessment, and, especially, that no person is 100% gay or 100% straight. Instead of a 3-pronged switch which says Gay, Bi, Straight, I think of it as more of a sliding scale where someone may be anywhere from .01% to 99.99% on the scale.

While I consider myself straight, there have been a few men in my time that I had thoughts about that I surprised myself with.

Also, there have been studies that show that very homophobic men do tend to be sexually stimulated by pictures of male erotica (I'm not sure about females, but it is easier to measure male stimulation). Is this because their upbringing (either culturally, morally, or religiously) has ingrained in them a dislike of homosexuals, and the feelings that they are having confuse them, and they want to rid themselves and everyone else of those types of feelings?

So, if, as I've stated, people are on a sliding scale of homosexuality, then when the dragon emotions take over, it is easier to imagine someone getting "lost in the moment".

Now what would be truly interesting, especially since in the later stories, more women are starting to impress green dragons, would be to see a blue dragon impressed by a woman.

I could see the Holds, being the most conservative of the occupations, being more disgusted with homosexuality, and sexuality in general.

The Weyrs beint the most liberal regarding both.

The crafts would probably vary by craft in how they considered the issue, but, other than craft politics, the crafts would try to recognize people by their ability to do the job first.

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