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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
Shayln, you make some very nice and practical points...especially those from Dragonchoice.

In my opinion...I don't think that being a person that enjoys the same sex would have been looked down upon on Pern in the same way it has been traditionally look at on Earth in the past. Mostly because of the lack of Religion on Pern.

I believe that in the weyr it's treated as just a variance of sexual likes. I don't think anything is thought by the weyrfolk, about a rider that enjoys same sex riders, as making that rider less capible of leading a wing, or of commanding a would just depend on his excellent capabilities to lead his men fantasticly well...and what would that have to do with his or her sexual choices....but more what color his dragon was and how talented the rider and dragon were when flying and fighting.
Who you enjoy sex with has nothing to do with how well your mind works...or how well you do your job...or especially how well you fly your beloved my opinion.
Lack of religion on Pern might remove the "moral" aspect of prejudice against homosexuals, but it will not remove the resource aspect, and on Pern that's the hard, brutal driver, especially in the Holds. If you wind up on the wrong side of the Hold doors in a mid-Pass famine, it doesn't much matter whether you wind up there because some prudish religious nut thinks you're a pervert, or some parent doesn't want you eating food that may keep his children alive. Similarly, watch out if you're old, or infirm. It would frankly be unsurprising if there was not a tradition on Pern of the old and infirm walking out of the Hold during Pass to meet their fate in order to see that their family members survive.

Survival is a harsh, nasty competition that consistently favors those who can breed and who stand by their bloodlines. Unfortunately, these biological imperatives place homosexuals at a disadvantage. On Pern, no one may be calling a homosexual a pervert, but they might be calling them expendable. One is less prudish and judgmental than the other, but they're both fatal!
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