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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by Shalyn View Post
How funny.

I was reading the slightly warm (I won't say heated, but it was definitely a tad warm) debate between Gidget2 and ElectricDragon, and my IE crashed. Wow.

Anyway - I find the best thoughts on dragons Impressing come from fandom - DragonChoice, actually, written by one of MoM's members GirlSlick.

The DragonChoice Theory goes into a very good discussion of how dragons choose their partners - and it has nothing to do with sexuality.

Now - going by that - what if the Weyrs - either knowingly or subconciously - began to seed the male candidates with males who looked as if they may play for their own team, or both? We already know that the Weyrs have fewer sexual hangups than the Holds, and possibly Crafts. So it would make sense that the Weyr would become a sancuary for those whose sexual tendencies ran down a side stream.

Since, according to the books anyway, the average age of a candidate is the mid-teens, their sexuality would already be making itself apparent - at least to them. So, you have several males who already know they like their own sex. They also know that a green dragon is female and will be flown by .... wait for it .... a male dragon ridden by a male rider. They know they won't be blamed for being chosen by whatever dragon chooses them. So they start thinking their welcoming thoughts to the greens that come out.


Granted, this isn't the case for all men who Impress greens, but it could narrow down the field a bit more.
I don't think the Weyrs seed the candidate pool with homosexuals for the simple reason that if they're open-minded about the matter, as they must be for pragmatic reasons, they have no reason to even think about the issue. You put the candidates out there and the dragons choose. Given that Weyr environment probably has a fair number of homosexuals in it by comparison to the Holds, the problem takes care of itself. After a few centuries of not consciously considering the matter and letting "tradition" dictate affairs, I doubt anyone in the Weyrs gives it a moment's thought by the 9th or even 6th Pass, or sooner.
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