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Default Re: What is happening

I hope I've got the right spot for a quick up date, Dan J. who had the VNS implant today, he is OK, he is spending over night just be on the safe side, he was worry for he some concerns to help control his seizures, so I'm home here with the cats, and we had a few surprise along the way. I am unwinding, the last few weeks have been stressfull, it been an up and down weekend, for both of us. Its nice to have the place to myself. Outrside of having a problem in the bath room. I had to contact some I was able to 'think of who to call'

We had some stormy issue over the last few weeks, and the stress was making me unable to sleep, but some how a miss communicate, or two can make things backfire, and I think I've found a way around it.

We went out for a date, for the first Sun in June is when I moved in with him. Its also the fly-in at Wild Rose, and somehow we pick a bad spot and it trigger a bad 'flash attack' a spot that they know about but don't know why it miss-fires, I've had seizures, between the moment or something, I got a long sectopmt of lash in my eye, painful, and I was muddle from the 'fash attack', also I can't see out it, but with the problems, it could realy damage my sight, the medication is working and I'm not as much in pain as I was.

Thanks goodness, for I'm feeling the pull, from having my arms bend, like a L trying to aid Dan J., but its for a good cause, I'm getting the housework, taking care of Dan J, and working on a few projects.
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