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Default Re: The Writer's Toolbox

What aspects of a writer's skill set are most important to you as a reader?

To disable my reality-check and cause me to suspend disbelief enough to suck me into the story. To create believable characters, an intriguing world and plots which keep me reading.

What do you think Anne does best? Worst?

Worldbuilding and characters, she wrote tastes and smells, meaning I always felt I was there to actually eat what was cooked and smell what was described. Writing different characters, from likable to hateworthy across the spectrum. The way she incorporated kinks, fetishes and kinky sex in most of her books without many vanilla people realising she did. Writing delicious and readable rape fantasies as well at times, without compromising the plot or story.

Whenever she had to do "technical stuff" she lost her verve. That includes e.g. writing the "techniques" of her "Talent" series. Most of these books were rather boring.

What style of novel do you prefer - plot or character driven?

I need both.

How important are realistic characters to you? Can they throw off your enjoyment of a story if the author writes one too out of date with modern sensibilities?

My modern sensibilities most likely are not yours. Most of the criticism leveled at McCaffrey's women for instance is, hmm, rather incomprehensible to me because it is entirely beside the point. One of my most preferred novels is "Restoree", and the female lead hands down still beats most of what is currently written, with room to spare.

What throws me off are unbelievable characters written to serve an author's political agenda, and that - unfortunately - is the case for the majority of the female characters current young authors write, characters by the way who have extremely little in common with anything the authors live up to. That's one of my modern sensibilities...

What about plot? How well do you think Anne's plots have stood the test of time?

Most quite well. Some facts even came into existence.

How do you think Todd compares to Anne as a writer? Is the overlap in their skills (or lack of overlap) seamless or not? Does it make a difference to your enjoyment of their respective books?

I don't read him (only a few pages of blurp once). In general I dislike heirs who aspire to "continue" in the feet of their parents. It rarely works. People should build their own worlds.
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