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Default Re: What is Happening, part II

So won't I or say one till I ca n spell it, but I am recording with my Eco. and my MP3 player, so I have learnnot to chat at hher, 'rool eyes' if I could I have my JAWS text to speach sscreen reader on headphones so I don't trigger her. :P at mmy very if you don't listen she thinks yyou are asking her something, Or AlexSiries sp when turned on a I-pad, right now safe in hiding, till I can get someone to help me get the apps fix.,

ROLS I am thinking of a WI born writer, as I was typing this up. not the programs we are using, Someone from my hometown too.

Jeery Apps which reminds me I need to get that on my to do list, before I am in a Pickle of a different type.
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