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Default Re: What happened to Kylara after she became witless?

Originally Posted by Lily View Post
What is fanon? A fan fiction thing? A story about what happened to Kylara could be interesting. Specially if her gold lizard stayed with her, and the degree of witlessness she suffered.

(The term predates TV Tropes; it's just a good place to see a definition.)

IIRC Shalyn wrote a fic that includes some of what became of Kylara. I think using her as an example of Pernese care of the mentally ill is tricky because Kylara is NOT mentally ill in any way that compares to a human mental illness. She had the telepathic bond with her dragon violently severed. We see at least five examples of reactions to this (discounting all of Todd's as they're inconsistent with Anne's): Kylara apparently reverts to "the mind of a child", Brekke spends days in a catatonic fugue and is never 100% 'normal' again, Lytol spends pretty much the rest of his life with varying degrees of PTSD and depression, and T'kul and whatsishame in Renegades display acute and chronic violent tendencies, T'kul's a more instant psychotic break, the other guy more like a reasonably-functional psychopath. None of them developed mental illness organically, they suffered some sort of psychic trauma for which there's no real-world equivalent. Brekke seems the least-damaged, and she's the one with a half-replacement--she can still hear dragons. None of the other ex-riders can.
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